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Message for Lee Scott

Lee, do you have a email address that I may send you some information? If so could you post it here or email me at upwego2007@[sign in to see URL].

Just promise me that you will keep my identity secret until I'm ready to go public. That may be right after Baker goes to prison and after I get my info out about Joe and Claudette. I know you want to stay out of the bickering but you should see what has been written and said about you and Chris by these people, especially someone that Chris did some pro-bono work for. I hope you or someone gets this before Baker or the Ferguson's remove it.

I'm glad to see the Columbia is up and running. I'll be in town soon and will take you up on your invite to stop by. You invited me so I hope that eases your mind. You once told me to keep my friends close but my enemies closer. That was excellent advice that's worked well for me as you will see soon.

Take care.

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