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Message for Wally Leedom

I don't know if Wally Leedom reads this site while he's out of town working but if you do Wally I thought you should know that it appears DannyBaker wants to get you back on his side. Am I mistaken or didn't Baker call you a low life thief that stole stuff off of him? Mark Tyndall told Dick Spencer that Danny is hoping to get you back here in hopes that you will write some stories for him before he goes to trial. Baker called your dad the father of a thief and said Austin was as big a thief as you were. Does baker think you guys are that stupid to not remember what he wrote about both of you??? Baker sounds like he only calls on people when it serves his pleasure. I think you should show up at his sentencing and wave bye bye to him when he hears the cuffs clicking on him. Take care Wally and be careful. I hope ur not as forgiving as baker thinks u are.

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